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Ipca - Ratlam formulations plant ranked third position in the National Energy Conservation Award - 2010.


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New Brand Identity

Ipca is continuously evolving. Our stature as a quality-driven pharmaceutical company that partners healthcare globally, continues to grow with each passing day. Our brand identity has evolved too. Modern, dynamic yet warm and friendly, energetic yet sensitive, our new identity is an expression of the Ipca of today... an organization that works as equal partners with global pharmaceutical leaders.

The butterfly represents life at its energetic best. At its heart is a molecular structure endorsing Ipca's pharmaceutical bent of purpose. The butterfly is in flight, matching the soaring aspirations of the company.

The Ipca blue colour is associated with - healing, trust, understanding, wisdom and confidence - traits that are second nature to a pharmaceutical company.

As our work mirrors life, the tagline 'A dose of life' expresses what Ipca lives by. Of touching all aspects of human life and helping it bounce back to health; much like the butterfly's nature of flitting from flower to flower.

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