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Drug Name: Generic Cialis
Tablet Strength: 60 mg, 40 mg, 20 mg, 10 mg
Price: from $1.41 per pill
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Cialis is a drug for potency with the longest action

Cialis 20 (Cialis generic) refers to drugs that help! In 2008, this drug was approved by the American community Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a drug that has shown effective assistance in problems with erectile dysfunction.

Pharmacological name is Cialis tadalafil


Cialis is tadalafil 20 mg. The main substance that is a part of this generic is Tadalafil, and it helps in the fight against erectile dysfunction in men, also with some signs of prostatic hyperplasia (but only benign). Tadalafil is a derivative of Sildenafil, which is part of Viagra, and represents its analogue. However, it is not allowed to connect these two components together. Cialis is based on seaweed extract with the addition of oyster extract, which in itself speaks of quality.

Advantages of Cialis

The main indisputable advantage of this drug is the time of its action. Cialis lasts for 36 hours. This is the best performance among these substances aimed at increasing potency.

The effect of the drug Cialis

It provides increased blood flow to the penis due to relaxation of smooth muscles of the arteries and bodies. It, respectively, leads to a decrease in muscle tone, and hence a stable erection. Simply put, Tadalafil helps the blood flow to the vessels and delays its outflow. The effective action of the drug demands another condition, without which the substance will not work — sexual stimulation!

How to use Cialis

The pill is taken 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse. The desired effect will appear in 16 minutes, and will last, as already mentioned, for 36 hours, so that one daily use will be enough to please yourself and your partner with excellent results for a long time. Taking the drug depends on the depth of the problems faced by the patient. This may be a daily intake of the drug to achieve a therapeutic effect — in this case, it is recommended to take Cialis with a small content of Tadalafil (2.5 and 5 mg).
If you need a single intervention to solve an intimate problem, the dose should be increased to 20 mg, and 20 mg Cialis is quite suitable.

Form of release of Cialis

Pills in blister packs
Problems in the field of potency and etiology


The most important substance, with which it is impossible to combine tadalafil, is nitrates. Their hypotensive effect is multiplied by tadalafil, which can even lead to death. You should also pay attention to the fact that this drug should not be used together with grapefruit juice or mixed with alcohol if you want to avoid reducing the desired effect.
All these symptoms can be exacerbated by taking Cialis, so it is better not to risk it.

Side effects of Cialis

As a rule, they are mild.
They pass in a few hours after the use of the drug.

These problems include:
Headaches and dizziness, runny nose, muscle aches or lower back pain.
This drug should be stored at room temperature (not higher than 30 degrees Celsius) for a period of not more than 2 years.

Clinical trials of Cialis

The studies, which were conducted by the manufacturer of this drug, included 4 thousand men. More than 80% of patients noted not only an improvement in erectile function, but also a high tolerance of the substance.